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Client Testimonials
"Joel is the perfect answer for anyone who has computer needs and is looking for exceptional expertise.  I was surprised to find someone with not only computer expertise, but also the communication skills necessary to teach me the basic skills I need every day.  The bonus is his knowledge of marketing tools, especially ways I can greatly improve my website and consequently my business income.  Thanks, Joel, for putting the fun back into computer tasking."
- Paul M., Berkeley, CA

"I would like to personally thank Joel for all of his help and knowledge.  Not only does he show me how to make necessary repairs to improve my computer, he also explains and answers all of my questions, and shows me how to do many new things to assist me in becoming a more proficient and confident computer user."
- Raymond P., Newark, CA

"Joel is a very qualified computer teacher, gifted with enormous patience and firm knowledge of the computer.  He easily shares this knowledge with his students."
- Loretta L., San Francisco, CA

"I hired Joel to provide some hands-on tutoring in PowerPoint on Mac.  He is a fantastic tutor, very patient and knowledgeable, and speaking with the right tone and level of technical detail.  I highly recommend Joel!"
- Cooper M., Berkeley, CA

"Joel helps me solve many of my computer hardware and software problems.  Whenever I have trouble running applications like Excel, Quicken, Word, or problems with Windows, I call Joel.  He listens to what needs to be done, gives clear explanations, and never talks down to me or my wife when dealing with technical issues.  He knows quickly what questions to ask in order to focus in on what needs to be solved.  Joel's sense of humor and clarity about computers and software make him a priceless ally.  I highly recommend his work."
- Willard D., Oakland, CA

"Joel is a valuable resource for anyone needing computer assistance.  He is patient and demonstrates expertise, answering my many questions readily in easy to follow steps.  I am grateful for his support and professional advice.  I highly recommend his services."
- Lissa M., Berkeley, CA

"Joel is an excellent teacher.  He is patient, calm, and reassuring.  I learned quite a lot during our very productive session together.  I will definitely work with Joel again!"
- Carrie M., San Leandro, CA

"Joel set up all of the IT equipment for us in our new office.  He did an excellent job at a very reasonable rate.  I highly recommend using him."
- Niko L., San Francisco, CA

"Thanks, Joel.  You're the kind of computer friend everybody needs but doesn't necessarily have."
- Dawn W., Berkeley, CA
(510) 725-9432

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